About Hair Follicles – What Makes Hair Grow?

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About the secret life of hair follicles, hair growth and more

Hair loss affects a large percentage of men across the world, and especially in men in Ireland. This is why so much research is being conducted about hair loss, including research about the causes and solutions. The cells around the hair follicles play an important role in the growth of the hair follicle, which is why it is being so closely inspected in order to understand what makes the hair follicle grow, and what helps to maintain the hair growth.

Hair Follicle Transplant

Interesting discoveries during the research has been made, namely that the stem cells play a role in hair growth and hair maintenance. More specifically, research associate Yiqin Xiong, PhD, and associate professor of medicine Ching-Pin Chang, MD, PhD, have identified a signalling circuit that controls the cells’ activity. The signalling circuit maintains a healthy pool of bulge cells (stem cells), by promoting the self-renewal of these stem cells, to facilitate repeated cycles of hair growth and regeneration. By activating the circuit in the stem cells, the growth cycle of hair regeneration is initiated, where after the growth will be maintained by the circuit in hair matrix cells.

The presence of stem cells and the signalling circuit can ultimately inhibit hair growth (in order to reduce hair growth in individuals who experience excessive hair growth), or promote hair growth through activation of the signal. There is still much to know about these findings, which is why ongoing research is being conducted about hair loss, hair growth and related topics.

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Fortunately, there is hope for individuals who suffer from hair loss or Androgenetic Alopecia (pattern baldness), and Dr. André Nel and his team at Therapie Clinic in Dublin, Ireland, Clinic constantly update their knowledge base to ensure patients receive the best evaluations and assessments when it comes to treating their hair loss conditions.

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