Are hair transplants painful?

Are hair transplants painful? Read more about hair restoration by Dr. André Nel

A hair transplant surgery is minimally invasive procedure that involves the harvesting of good hair follicles from a donor area on the scalp, to be transplanted to the recipient are where hair growth is desired. Although it is a surgical procedure, it is minimally invasive with a quick recovery period.

Before the procedure commences, the area on the scalp will be completely anaesthetised via a ring block method, ensuring no pain is felt during the procedure. The dose of local anaesthetic will be enhanced throughout the hair transplant procedure, to ensure a comfortable and pain-free experience for the patient. An anaesthetic cream will also be applied to the area before the area is punctured for local anaesthetic, so that the patient will not experience any pain throughout the procedure. Additional measures for the prevention of pain are also used, such as the use of needle-less injections, warming the local anaesthetic to body temperature, and slow administration of the local anaesthetic.

Will you experience pain post-surgery?

Pain is minimal after the hair transplant. There will typically be slight soreness and numbness post-surgery, and mild discomfort may be felt. Pain medication will be prescribed to be used during the recovery period, should the patient experience any pain after the surgery.

The tiny incisions made in the recipient area where the hair follicles are transplanted will heal relatively quickly and the small circular dots left on the donor area should also heal within a week or two.

Are hair transplants painful?

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Are hair transplants painful?