A recent WhatClinic.com survey polled hair transplant surgeons across 40 countries in a bid to discover just how widespread the Beard trend has become and to measure consumer demand.

Over 95% of all hair transplant clinics polled worldwide reported an increase in demand for beard transplantation. Results showed that 72% of surgeons polled confirmed they have seen a huge uptake in patients requesting hair restoration with their beards.

Everyone from sports stars to musicians to actors and models have been sporting the look, but it seems to have gone far beyond being just a fashion trend. A quick glance around any workplace these days will show that beards are much more common place than a few years ago.
Men who dress carefully take as much care in the trimming and shaping of their facial hair as they do in ensuring their shirts are well-ironed and their shoes well-shined.
Beards have become acceptable even in the most conservative industries, as long as the beard is kept neat and well-groomed.

Advances in hair restoration techniques have instilled a new confidence and acceptance of hair restoration as a ‘self-improvement’ method that has made people much more comfortable in researching the availability and pricing of transplants for beard restoration.

Most men considering beard transplants are seeking help for patchy or uneven growth. The objective is to achieve a full and symmetrical beard that can be neatly trimmed and provides even coverage.
Statistics show that 35% of men who seek beard transplants require fuller cover and around 25% are looking for camouflage to cover up scars.

Beard transplants require a lot more skill than traditional scalp hair transplant surgery because the skin in the recipient area is loose and movable compared to scalp skin and great care needs to be taken in order to avoid injury to the motoric branches of the Facial Nerve, which could result in facial asymmetry. It is therefore important to find a hair restoration surgeon with the requisite experience, skill and expertise in this area before going ahead.


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