FUE – Follicle Unit Excision Explained

Follicle Unit Excision (formerly Extraction) is a hair transplant technique involving a minimally invasive procedure to move hair follicles from areas with denser hair growth to areas where hair growth is desired. This surgical procedure done by using a specialised punch to harvest hair follicles from donor the donor area, offering a minimally invasive solution for hair loss.

The grafts go through a preparation process before transplanted to the required recipient areas. The hair follicles will be transplanted by making tiny incisions in the recipient area, until the desired hair density is reached.

Graft Preparation

Why is FUE ideal for hair loss?

If performed by an experienced and qualified surgeon, a Follicle Unit Excision (formerly Extraction) can offer the patient remarkable results with denser hair growth in the required areas. This procedure also offers patients a permanent solution to hair loss conditions, making in an increasingly popular hair loss treatment world-wide. Follicle Unit Excision hair transplant procedures are suitable for both men and women, yet is more common among men resulting from male pattern baldness.

Advantages of Follicle Unit Excision

  • No linear scar: With FUE the follicles are not taken in a linear fashion. They are scattered about and look like tiny red dots. They are easily covered as the hair in the donor area grows out.
  • Faster nerve repair: as the punch sites are smaller and more spread out than a FUT strip harvest, the nerves repair themselves more quickly.
  • Less invasive: Because a small punch is used and not a scalpel that cuts into deep tissue, healing time is usually much quicker, and no sutures are required as the punch sites are so small they heal by themselves.
  • No increased scalp tension: With an FUT procedure, laxity is taken away from the scalp- this does not occur with FUE as there is no removal of a strip of tissue.
  • Graft selection: FUE allows the Surgeon to ‘cherry pick’ grafts that are necessary for an optimal result. He can select single or finer hairs to use in the hairline or choose follicular units with 3 or 4 hairs to add density where required.
  • Retains donor growth patterns: FUE causes minimal disruption to the hair direction, swirls and angles of growth in the donor area. This is particularly relevant to patients with wavy or curly hair.
  • Use of body hair/beard hair:The advent of FUE has also allowed for the exaction of non-scalp hair from the beard or chest. This can be extremely useful for repair patients, patients of depleted or low donor hair reserves.
  • Permanent solution to hair loss: Once the hair starts to grow in the recipient area (three to five months after the procedure), hair growth will continue naturally.
  • Recovery period is relatively quick: The tiny dots caused by the small punch used for the Follicle Unit Excision will heal within a week, leaving no visible scars.
  • Comfort: Local anesthesia and other pain control measures will ensure that the procedure is painless and that you are comfortable during this time.
  • Visibility: When trusting an experienced Doctor like Dr. André Nel, results will look so natural, that even a barber won’t be able to tell that you’ve had the procedure done.

Dr. André Nel is a reputable hair restoration specialist, and has completed many successful hair transplants via the Follicle Unit Excision method. Book a consultation at  The Hair, Skin & Wellness Clinic and his team will determine the patient’s individual hair transplant needs, to ensure the best results.

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