Hair Transplant surgery – Hair Restoration in Ireland – Dr. André Nel

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Hair transplant surgery / hair restoration treatments have shown amazing results for individuals who experience baldness and hair loss. If you are considering hair transplant surgery as a solution to your unwanted hair loss, and are seeking the assistance of an experienced Doctor to offer you the results you desire, contact Dr. André Nel’s office at Therapie Clinic in Malahide, Ireland today.

A consultation with Dr. Nel will determine whether you are a candidate for the hair transplant surgery / hair restoration procedure. Dr. Nel aims to deliver satisfying results, ensuring his clients are happy with the outcome of this procedure. For more information about hair transplant surgery and the hair restoration procedure, contact Dr. Nel’s office today – Book your consultation to get the hair you’ve always wanted.

The hair restoration procedure – by Dr. André Nel

Hair transplant surgery (also referred to as hair restoration) is a permanent solution to hair loss and performed by Dr. André Nel at Therapie Clinic located in Malahide Co Dublin, Ireland. New hair follicles are transplanted to areas with little to now hair growth. The new hair follicles that are transplanted are taken from the Safe Donor Area, usually at the back of the head. The hair can be extracted via Follicle Unit Extraction technique (FUE), Follicle Unit Strip Transplant surgery (FUS / T) or a combination of both. The area from which the follicles are extracted heel up and are ultimately restored and covered by surrounding hair growth.

Hair Transplant surgery – Hair Restoration in Ireland – Dr. André Nel

Striving for excellence with Dr. André Nel – Hair transplant surgery / hair restoration

Dr. André Nel has helped many patients to achieve the appearance they desire, by not only restoring their natural hair growth, but also their self-confidence. Many individuals will admit within the confidential setting of a consultation that they feel self conscious about their hair loss and that it negatively impacts their self-esteem.

If that applies to you then you may be able to restore your self-confidence by opting for hair transplant surgery performed by Dr. Andre Nel. You can rest assured that our highly professional team will manage your situation in complete confidence and treat all aspects of your procedure with the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

Dr. André Nel has worked and trained with world renowned leaders in the field of hair transplant surgery and gained extensive experience and knowledge in hair restoration. You are in safe hands and you can trust Dr. Nel to provide a high quality service that delivers excellent results. Book a consultation with Dr. Nel today for your permanent hair loss solution.

Hair Transplant surgery – Hair Restoration in Ireland – Dr. André Nel

Hair transplant surgery – your permanent solution for hair loss – Ireland

Get your hair restored the way you always wanted to. You are welcome to discuss your situation in confidence with a friendly consultant at Dr. André Nel’s hair restoration practice in order to get more preliminary information regarding hair restoration , and to book your consultation to find out if you are a suitable candidate. Dr. Nel has helped many men and women restore their hair to the level of satisfaction they desired through hair restoration surgery. Contact Dr. André Nel for hair transplant surgery in Ireland today.

Hair Transplant surgery – Hair Restoration in Ireland – Dr. André Nel

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