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Dr. Andre Nel originally trained in emergency medicine and general medical practice. Since 2008 he has been working in Hair and Skin Restoration, learning first hand from world leaders in the field. His philosophy with hair and skin restoration is that they are complementary, both aesthetically and biologically.

The principles that apply to skin restoration, apply to hair restoration as well. The hair follicle is an appendage of skin and plays an integral role in proper skin functioning. Similarly, hair follicles grow better in healthy skin. Therefore, we recommend combining surgical hair restoration with mesotherapy modalities for optimal results.

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Dr. André Nel

Hair Transplant Expert - Dr Andre Nel
Since 2008 Dr Nel has been working in Hair and Skin Restoration, learning first hand from world leaders in the field. READ MORE

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Hair Restoration

Hair Transplant: The permanent solution for hair loss. We understand hair-loss and would like to help you restore your self-confidence with our professional and confidential approach.
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Skin Restoration

My skin restoration philosophy is based on the OBAGI approach. Dr. Zein Obagi (originator of the Obagi Blue Peel) in Beverly Hills is the undisputed world leader of modern skin restoration.
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We are living longer than ever before and people want to feel and look their best at any age. Within the wellness realm the two areas we specialize in are Prolotherapy and Carboxitherapy.
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We offer 4 types of restoration and transplant treatments:

  1. Follicle Unit Extraction technique (FUE) – this is where single hair follicles are harvested from the donor area and transplanted into the recipient area – This is our speciality. It is the most modern technique in hair restoration surgery.
  2. Follicle Unit Strip Transplant surgery (FUS / T) – this is where a strip of hair is removed from the donor area and hair follicles are isolated and transplanted into the recipient area. This is the more traditional approach.
  3. Combination FUE and FUS/T technique, allowing us to maximize yield from the donor area without over stretching the capacity of either FUE donor follicle supply or FUS/T donor follicle supply, thereby providing a balanced and safe approach with maximum donor yield in carefully selected cases.
  4. Mesotherapy techniques – entails growth factor injections into the scalp. This can be done as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with both FUE and FUT/S techniques.

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