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Hair Transplant Clinic in Dublin, Ireland – Dr. André Nel

Hair transplant procedures have assisted many people to obtain a fuller head of hair, helping them achieve the appearance they desire. Dr. André Nel specialises in hair restoration, offering his professional services at the leading hair transplant clinic in Dublin, Ireland, Therapy Clinic.

Extreme hair loss can have quite a negative effect on some individuals, and can result in a low self-esteem. A successful hair transplant will ultimately boost a person’s self-esteem, making them feel more confident about their appearance. If you are experiencing hair loss, and wish to achieve a fuller head of hair, make an appointment with Dr. André Nel at the top hair transplant clinic in Ireland today.

The hair transplant procedures and what to expect

A hair transplant procedure performed by Dr. André Nel at the hair transplant clinic in Dublin, Ireland, involves a surgical procedure where existing hair is moved to an area where there is little or no hair growth. Dr. Nel offers a number of options that are tailored to the needs of both men and women.

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  • Follicle Unit Extraction technique (FUE): This surgical hair transplant procedure involves the harvesting of single hair follicles, which will then be strategically transplanted to the areas requires, resulting in natural looking hair growth in the desired areas. The area where the hair follicles have been extracted from will heal, and will become covered by the existing hair leaving no visible trace of surgery. Contact Dr. Nel’s office at the top hair transplant clinic in Dublin for more information about this hair transplant procedure and the results achieved.
  • Follicle Unit Strip Transplant surgery (FUS / T): The Follicle Unit Strip transplant procedure involves the removal of a thin strip of hair, which is then divided in to single hair follicles to be planted into the desired areas.
  • Combination FUE and FUS/T technique: A combination of the above mentioned techniques are used in certain cases, to maximise yield from the donor area. This is done without over stretching the donor area, still providing clients with a safe procedure as a solution to their hair loss problems.
  • Mesotherapy techniques: Dr. Nel also offers Mesotherapy techniques at the hair transplant clinic in Dublin, Ireland, which involves injecting a growth factor into the scalp, either as an individual treatment, or in combination with Follicle Unit Strip Transplant / Follicle Unit Extraction procedures.

DR. André Nel has gained extensive experience in hair restoration across the world, which enables him to provide clients with professional and skilled procedures that is aimed at delivering the results desired by the clients.

If your hair loss is getting you down, then a hair restoration treatment at the leading hair transplant clinic in Dublin, Ireland might be the solution for you.

Hair transplant – your permanent solution for hair loss – Dublin, Ireland

Don’t let your hair loss get the better of you. Talk to a friendly assistant at Dr. André Nel’s consultation rooms for more information regarding this hair restoration procedure, and to find out if you are a suitable candidate. Dr. Nel has help a number of men and women to achieve the appearance they desired through this simple and permanent procedure. Contact Dr. André Nel at the trusted hair transplant clinic in Dublin, Ireland today.