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Help Hair Fibers

Add density to your hair instantly with Help Hair Fibers

Use Help Hair Fibers to get instant-looking density. Help Hair Fibers are an all-natural Keratin fiber in the form of a cosmetic powder to be applied topically for the look of thicker hair. Can be used in conjunction with our Help Hair Shake, Vitamins, Shampoo, and Conditioner.

Mix and Match Colours

The Help Hair Fibers are free from parabens, phthalates, and will hide areas on your scalp that are bald or thinning. Blend several colours together to get the best colour match to your existing hair.

Help Hair Fibers

How to apply

Step 1

For best results, shampoo and dry your hair completely. Style your hair with gel or fixing spray before application of Help Hair Fibers.

Step 2

Tilt the bottle at a 45-degree angle, and hold it 1 inch from your head. If the affected area of thinning is small, bring the bottle opening closer to the area.

Step 3

Gently shake or sprinkle onto the thinning area. Important: While using, place one hand below the hairline.

Important: While using, place one hand below the hairline to act as a shade, thereby preventing the powder from getting into your eyes.

Please note: You can adjust the tilt angle of the bottle, use your hands, or a comb to increase or decrease the amount of fibers applied to hair.

It takes practice to achieve the best results. If you initially find it challenging, don’t let it discourage you. Optimal application will be achieved after a few uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fibers made of?

Help Hair Fibers are made of natural Keratin fibers, which is the same protein that makes up human hairs.

Can Help Hair Fibers withstand rain?

Help Hair Fibers stay firmly in place through any weather—wind, rain, or shine. The powder is also resistant to perspiration, so you can enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle without ever having to worry about your hair.

Is hair growth affected by Help Hair Fibers?

No, growth is not affected by Help Hair Fibers at all. It is a purely cosmetic solution, and doesn’t encourage or stunt hair growth in any way.

How long does an application of Help Hair Fibers last?

Help Hair Fibers will stay in place until your hair is washed.

How does Help Hair Fibers affect gray hairs and colour-treated root regrowth?

Help Hair Fibers effectively covers gray roots, as well as root regrowth related to colour-treated hair.

Can Help Hair Fibers be used in conjunction with other styling products?

It’s best to apply Help Hair Fibers after using any styling tools, like hairdryers, curling irons, or flat irons. The same goes for products like styling gel, and mousse. All products should be
applied and allowed to dry properly before using Help Hair Fibers. Using styling products after application could cause the fibers to shift, exposing areas of the scalp that were meant to be covered. Hairspray is the only styling product that can be used after an application.

Does Help Hair Fibers work for all hair types?

Yes, the fibers are effective no matter the hair type and texture.

How long does a bottle of Help Hair Fibers last?

It depends entirely on the size of the bottle, how frequently you apply the fibers, and the amount that is used in each application.

Can I mix colours to match it to my existing hair?

Yes, different shades of Help Hair Fibers can be mixed to best match your own hair colour. The closer the match, the more natural the end result will be, so it is recommended that you follow this course of action when applying the fibers. Colours can be mixed directly on the hair (apply the darkest colour first, and layer through the lighter colours), or in a separate container.

Are there any special warnings I should know about?

Help Hair Fibers are meant for external use only. If irritation or rash occurs, you should discontinue use immediately. Contact with the eyes and direct inhalation of the product should also be avoided.

Help Hair Fibers