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No artificial colors, flavors, fillers or preservatives. Non GMO. No Soy. All Natural. For Men and Women.

Why Hair Loss Vitamins?

Our hair vitamins were developed with the maximum amount per serving of essential minerals and B-supplements. These include Biotin( Vitamin H) and Niacin ( B3) for essential fast revitalization of the hair follicle.

The proper ratio of B supplements with Iodine and Zinc and natural botanicals such as Pumpkin seed, Silica, and Foti provide the essential nutrients  for your follicles to maintain a well-balanced daily nutrition essential for the root. These promote healthy follicles and will restore dull, lifeless thin . Nourish your scalp  from within with our nutritional tablets. Physician developed and recommended.

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What are the most important supplements to restore hair?

Vitamin B  are a group of natural substances that when dosed properly such as Biotin (Vit B7/Vit H) and Niacin (Vit B3) are necessary for proper scalp nutrition. To maintain healthy, full, long locks with less shedding and breakage you need to provide the nutrients your roots needs with a well-balanced diet with these essential compounds for the hair follicle. These work to increase the Anagen phase Purchase now three Pack of Help Hair Vitamins (Free Next Day Shipping) Total 180 tabs. Help Hair Vitamins- 60 Tabs which is the growing phase of the follicle. By taking these daily they will promote healthy scalp and maximise the longest, thickest and fastest possible Anagen phase hair follicles.

Do our hair vitamins actually work?

Our tablets have treated 1000’s of patients with all the vitamins and minerals to promote existing follicles. Using the proper ratio of B’s and essential elements to supply the follicles and roots with the proper nutrients to nourish the underlying follicle. We have over a 100 World-wide clinics that support our products and have patients that have successfully been treated when conventionally therapies have failed.

Dr Larry Shapiro has trained these Worldwide clinics to assess poor elongation and shedding and to screen for miniaturization by removing the products that cause and accelerate the follicle  which is shrinking. Using the Low Anabolic Profile the consumer can remove supplements that cause loss and poor density. Unlike any other product online we have made it clear to both clinics and patients that even with the most effective treatment, screening for aggravating anabolic products and eliminating them from your diet will increase the efficacy of our products.

Changing the cycle of the follicle with key nutrients to make your hair look thicker, fuller, and healthier is part of our overall program. By eliminating damaging products the four Step Program and products can work at their optimal and best usage. We have a Hand-out to guide you to Better Scalp Health.

Does Pumpkin seed give you healthy follicles?

Pumpkin seed is a natural male hormone blocker and several studies has shown it to be quite effective in blocking the hormone that minaturizes follicles. Androgenetic Alopecia causes loss of hair shaft calibre and shorting of the shaft (miniaturization) that results in a loss of hair volume. In addition to loss of calibre, the hair cycle growth phase (Anagen phase) becomes shorter. Pumpkin seed has also been shown to reduce prostate problems. male hormones causes an enlargement of the prostate gland. So pumpkin seed acts as a male hormone blocker. Fortunately there are no side effects from taking pumpkin seed as seen with the prescription oral medications. Pumpkin seed has been shown to be effective in both men and women.

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