How many hair grafts are needed for a hair transplant?


Factors that can influence the number of grafts to be transplanted include the degree of hair loss, density of the donor area, the amount of hair required in the recipient area, the thickness of the hair, skin and hair colour and more. Once you and your doctor are in agreement with the realistic results that can possibly be reached, the amount of grafts required will be determined by your hair restoration specialist.


The Norwood Scale is used as a benchmark to assess the degree and pattern of hair loss experienced by an individual, ranging from initial hair loss phases to extreme baldness. Dr. André Nel will indicate where you fit in on the scale in order to determine the expectations and results that a hair transplant surgery can achieve.

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Book a consultation with the leading hair restoration specialist in Ireland in order to determine the amount of grafts required for your hair transplant surgery.


Your hair restoration consultation with Dr. Andre Nel

Your hair surgeon will determine your hair graft requirements and best course of action after completing a thorough assessment, and having an open discussion about the treatment procedure, recovery and expected results. It is important that patients are emotionally prepared, not only for the hair transplant procedure, but the recovery period and hair growth results. The patient needs to have realistic expectations regarding the outcomes, and needs to be aware that the full effect of the hair transplant surgery will only be seen over a period of 12 t 18 months. Each case is different, which is why Dr. André Nel will tailor the best hair transplant solution for your individual needs, so that the best possible outcome is achieved.

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Patients also usually have many concerns and questions they wish to discuss with a hair transplant surgeon before deciding to go for the surgery relating to the recovery, scarring, procedure, techniques, grafts and results. Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions that are on your mind when visiting Dr. André Nel for a consultation. Dr. Nel and his team will put your mind at ease and provide you with all the information you require about hair loss treatments and hair transplant surgery.


Schedule your consultation with Dr. André Nel at the Hair Skin and Wellness Clinic in Dublin, Ireland and get all the answers your need in order to achieve your hair loss treatment goals.

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