Laser Cap

LaserCap®, Light Therapy and PhotoBioStimulation.

Laser Cap
• Professional Hair Loss Medical Management

• No Side Effects, Non-surgical Solution

• 224 or 80 Laser Diodes For Optimal Power

• Full Scalp Coverage & Even Light Distribution

• Light Thin Flex Shell For Ultimate Comfort

• Portable, Easy To Use And Travel With

• Use At Home And Share With Family

• Made By Lasercap Company In Cleveland, Ohio

• FDA Cleared Medical Device

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How does Light Therapy affect my hair growth?

Low Level Laser Light therapy, also known as Photobiostimulation (PBS), or simply  light therapy, improves cellular respiration in  the hair follicles, resulting in lengthening of the Anagen Phase (growth phase) that results in higher caliber (thicker) hair shafts which also appear darker and shinier over time. The darker color is due to increased activity of melanocytes that prove color to hair. Low Level Light therapy does not create new hairs or replace ones that have been lost permanently. Rather it stimulates healthier growth of existing hairs.

Will I experience hair shedding with Light Therapy?

Hair goes through three distinctive phases during its typical 2-6- year life cycle. These include Anagen (growth phase), Catagen (transition phase) and Telogen (resting phase).

Part of the process of hair transitioning from the resting phase to the growth phase is shedding the resting phase hair shaft, which is not actively growing anyway. Therefore, as the resting phase hairs become active and transition into the growth phase (Anagen) the Telogen hairs are shed and this is a good sign, that more Telogen hairs follicles have become active and growing. However, this can be unnerving for patients in the beginning. The replacement of telogen hairs with healthier anagen hairs can occur  in as little as 12 weeks.

Is this a personal use product or do I have to go into a doctor’s office for treatment?

The LaserCap ® LCPRO™ is a personal use product for discreet and convenient treatment at home or on-the go.

How do I use the LaserCap ® LCPRO™?

Insert the LaserCap ® LCPRO™ into any desired hat, or use the one provided. Fully charge the battery pack when in the off position. Connect the battery pack to the LaserCap ® LCPRO™. Turn on the power switch and wear the LaserCap as per your manual’s instructions.

What is the recommended treatment time?

The FDA guidelines for clearance states a treatment regimen consisting of three thirty minute sessions per week is adequate.

How long before final results are seen?

Results vary depending on the condition of the hair at the beginning of usage. Most changes begin occurring at the cellular level of the hair shaft, but visual changes can occur over within 12 weeks and gradually improve over the following months. The new growing hair will take a long time to reach its optimum length, as, the life cycle of the human hair is several years. But, over time that thinner ponytail or loss of thickness will slowly return to much of its former volume!

It is customary to see increased shine and body as the oil glands and hair  (support) muscles are stimulated. Many users report grey hair regaining more color or lighter hair becoming darker, which is commonly attributed to stimulation of melanin production in the hair follicle.

Can I use the LaserCap® along with other medications, as well as PRP and hair transplant procedures?

Always discuss medication use and combination therapy with your prescribing hair restoration physician. The mechanism of PBS is different from other approved therapies, but is considered complimentary by most physicians and safe to use in combination.

What about visual safety?

LaserCap ® LCPRO™ is a class 3R laser device. Avoid direct eye contact. You can turn on the cap after you place it on your head.

What is LaserCap ® LCPRO™’s warranty?

Our warranty covers your LaserCap ® LCPRO™ for three years from date of purchase. The battery pack is warranted for one year.

Why should I choose LaserCap®?

LaserCap® was created by a physician in collaboration with hair restoration experts in the fields of science and medicine. Innovation and sophistication is the hallmark of LaserCap® designs. Its products are backed by the best warranty in the industry and guarantees superior customer service and support. As the LaserCap® is made in Cleveland, Ohio, the process of replacement or repair is fast and easy. LaserCap® is the only “by-physician- only” laser hair therapy device on the market and is backed by the integrity of its provider network.

How long has LaserCap® been helping people who suffer from lost and thinning hair?

LaserCap® inventor, Dr. Michael Rabin, in his search for a solution for his own hair challenges collaborated with a team researchers, physicists and hair restoration surgeons to create the original, wearable LHT product in 2006. What resulted was a scientific formula for the optimum delivery of cool light energy to the scalp in the privacy of one’s own home.

How much does LaserCap ® LCPRO™ cost and how do I purchase a LaserCap ® LCPRO™?

LaserCap ® LCPRO™ is sold at any of The Hair, Skin & Wellness Clinics. For more information, please fill out the enquiry form on the contact page or call our toll free number at 0800 085 4857.

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