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The CNC Hair System

Medical hair systems offer a non-surgical hair replacement solution for individuals who experience hair loss/balding. It is now possible to restore the look of a healthy, full head of hair after follicles have been destroyed, and thereby causing permanent hair loss. This hair system solution uses the latest technological innovation to provide individuals with a minimally invasive solution to the treatment of hair loss, and is available for both men and women alike.

With this kind of technology you are given the option of natural-looking hair to conceal areas where balding is evident. Although there are many hair replacement options for treating hair loss, like medications and hair growth supplements, medical hair systems are unique in that they are permanent. The video below shows a CNC case study of four clients who experienced hair loss brought on by different causes, and who all opted for the CNC Hair System with successful results.

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Patient 1

Patient 1 as seen in the video above is a female who was diagnosed with ovarian cysts at about 20 years of age, and subsequently underwent surgery to have the cysts removed.

After surgery, she noticed hair shedding. It was a gradual process, but by the age of 30, the hair loss was a lot more pronounced and impossible to hide.

A permanent hair replacement solution was desirable, because the client did not want to keep having to repeat the process of putting on and taking off wigs. Losing her hair had caused a
drastic decrease in her confidence and overall happiness. The client was happy with the result of the treatment, and impressed with the good quality of the hair used. The ultimate aesthetic of the hair system was better than what her own hair had looked like previously, and it ended up giving her back her confidence.

Patient 2

Patient 2 is a mature male, who had been experiencing hair loss over time. Eventually, most of his hair was gone, and he didn’t like the way it looked, or how it made him feel about himself.

The patient was interested in a permanent solution to overcome confidence issues, as well as to restore a healthy-looking head of hair.

He researched various options, and after seeing the end result of the CNC Hair System on previous clients, he was sure it would be the best option for him. After the treatment, the client was more than happy with the result. His confidence was boosted, and he looked as good as he felt. The desired aesthetic of the hair system was achieved, and he was left with a natural-looking full head of hair.

Patient 3

Patient 3 is a female who was diagnosed with lung cancer, and subsequently underwent treatment to beat the disease. She experienced hair loss after six months of chemotherapy and radiation, as well as precautionary radiation to the brain.

Losing her hair made her feel like less of a woman, and the tiresome process of putting on and taking off wigs wasn’t for her. She wanted a hair replacement solution that was more permanent, and that would restore her natural look.

After the treatment, the client looked and felt like a whole new person. She even admits to walking and talking differently, thanks to the huge boost to her confidence levels. The CNC Hair
System provided her with a full head of natural-looking hair that allowed her to feel good about herself again.

Patient 4

Patient 4 is a male who was diagnosed with cancer. He underwent chemotherapy and radiation to combat the illness. The chemotherapy didn’t cause the expected hair loss, but the radiation treatment badly affected his thyroid, and this in turn led to significant balding.

The patient wasn’t happy with the way he looked after losing his hair, and his confidence decreased. He wanted a permanent solution to his hair loss that wouldn’t affect his lifestyle.

Once the hair system was applied, the client was happy with the result, describing it as a second skin with hair. What he liked about the CNC Hair System was the natural look, and that people wouldn’t be able to tell that he had once experienced any kind of hair loss at all.

What is CNC?

The only non-surgical hair replacement system of its kind to date.

The CNC Hair System is advanced patented technology that makes use of 3D mapping in order to replicate areas of hair loss on the scalp, with the final aesthetic resembling that of a second skin with hair.

Only the best European, unprocessed hair is used in these systems, providing ultimate control over how your hair looks and feels. There are 39 steps involved in designing a CNC Hair System to each individual’s specific needs. Nothing about the treatment is made beforehand—every single step is according to each individual requirement. This permanent solution to hair loss isn’t limited to any one particular cause of baldness, but instead can be adapted to suit each person—male and female alike.

The process of developing a hair system begins by taking very specific measurements and details from the client. These include things like hair colour, scalp colour, hair texture, density, hair length, and the particulars regarding the client’s hair loss condition. Attention is paid to the desired end result as well – what the client’s preferred hair style would be after treatment. All this information is then sent to the CNC lab in Bologna, Italy, where the process of developing the hair system begins. The utmost care is taken to match the system to your own hair, as well as the unique contours of your head. The hairs are manually inserted into the scalp one at a time, so that it has a more natural-looking finish. In the end, your CNC Hair System will not only look and feel like your own hair, but it will move, wash, and style like it too.

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