Medical Hair Systems – FAQ

The CRL Medical Hair System is the latest in innovative technology developed by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, providing a non-surgical solution for the treatment of hair loss in both men and women. A CRL Medical Hair System gives you the option of natural-looking hair to cover the area of the scalp where hair loss is evident. If you are experiencing significant hair loss, and would like to explore non-invasive treatment options, then the CRL Medical Hair System could be the ideal solution.

Medical Hair Systems - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is a Medical Hair System my only option?

      Your options for treating hair loss are wide and varied. There are various medications and hair growth supplements that you can take on an ongoing basis. These have been known to slow down the progression of hair loss, and in some cases, stop it entirely. Hair transplant surgery is the only other permanent solution other than the Medical Hair System.

    2. Can Medical Hair Systems be combined with other alternatives?

      If you opt for a partial prosthetic, you are free to use Trichology treatments and hair growth supplements to slow down or effectively stop the thinning of your remaining hair. As the Medical Hair System is a permanent hair replacement system attached to your scalp, you will not need to be concerned about alternative treatments, as the effects of hair loss will be a thing of the past.

    3. Are there any shortcuts to a full head of hair?

      The short answer to this question is simply, no. A full head of healthy hair takes the utmost care and time to ensure positive and lasting results. There are 39 steps in the Medical Hair System process, and each of these have been perfected by industry experts to guarantee the best outcome for the patient.

    4. Are Medical Hair Systems safe?

      Years of research has gone into developing this non-surgical hair replacement solution. This Medical Hair System is made of human hairs sewn by hand onto a “second scalp” polymer base. This base is a light, breathable prosthetic and has anti-bacterial properties. The entire system is hypoallergenic, and attached to the scalp by means of a medical adhesive that has been dermatologically tested.

    5. How much would the system cost?

      The process of obtaining a Medical Hair System is a very personal and individualised process. Once your condition has been assessed by an experienced hair restoration specialist, you will be quoted on the cost of the system. The final cost is calculated by the surface area covered by the system and the length of the hair. Contact the Hair, Skin & Wellness Clinic to book your consultation.

    6. Can one swim with the Medical Hair System?

      Soon after receiving this non-invasive hair replacement solution you are able to engage in an active lifestyle as per usual. This includes participating in activities like swimming and other sports.

    7. Can my hair be styled after the procedure?

      This natural-looking hair replacement system can be styled as per normal. You also have the option of going to a licensed CRL Medical Hair System Clinic for styling.

    8. How is the system maintained?

      You can maintain the Medical Hair System as you would your natural hair. Any questions you might have can be asked of your hair restoration doctor, who will provide you with the guidance you need.

    9. Do I have a choice of colour?

      The colour, thickness, and texture of the hair used in the Medical Hair System is chosen to match the patient’s hair to achieve a natural look.

    10. Is the Medical Hair System covered by Health Insurance?

      Most health insurance policies have an exclusion for elective procedures like the CRL Medical Hair System. However, you should contact your insurance provider directly to find out more about your options in your individual case.

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