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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)


Use your body’s own blood to facilitate the growth of thinning hair as well as transplanted hair!

In keeping up with the very latest and most cutting edge proven therapies, The Hair, Skin & Wellness Clinic is now offering platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. PRP involves the application/injection of plasma that has about 5X the amount of platelets when compared to circulating blood. The platelets secrete numerous growth factors, including PDGF and VEGF, which have positive effects such as speeding up the growth rate of grafts. PRP is also injected into the skin surrounding the hair follicles on-top of the scalp that is undergoing miniaturization due to Androgenic Alopecia.


PDGF stands for “Platelet Derived Growth Factor”. It is one of the growth factors, or proteins that regulate cell growth and division. In particular, it plays a significant role in blood vessel formation (angiogenesis), the growth of blood vessels from already existing blood vessel tissue.

FUE/FUT combined with PRP

During hair transplant surgery individual “free grafts” are implanted into the recipient area. The newly transplanted grafts are then disconnected from their blood supply and need to regrow a new primary blood vessel network to link up with the surround tissue blood supply. PDGF facilitates the regrowth of blood vessels and increases the survival of the grafts. VEGF stands for “Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor.” VEGF is a chemical signal produced by cells that stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. It is part of the system that restores the oxygen supply to tissues when blood circulation is inadequate. Until this process is complete, the graft must survive by passively absorbing oxygen from the surrounding tissue via diffusion.

In hair transplant surgery, PRP can be injected into the recipient site area to stimulate the healing of the transplanted grafts. PRP can be injected directly or applied as an emulsified gel. The use of PRP in hair restoration surgery can also enhance donor site wound healing, reduce donor scarring and enhance recipient site healing.

PRP for already thinning hair

Finally, we are offering PRP treatment to our patients with early miniaturization of existing hair before it starts falling out. We cannot predict precisely what the end result will be for our patients, but we are confident that it will improve the hair volume and coverage and increase the growth phase of the hair (prolonging the life of the existing hair follicles). The growth factors will improve the hair shaft diameter of growing hairs and thus improve hair volume and the total coverage. Furthermore, it can also improve hair colour, the total number of hairs in the growing phase, and the duration of the growing phase (Anagen).

Minoxidil Alternative

Patients, who decide not to take medications such as Rogaine (Regain), may find that PRP serves as an adequate or better substitute to these medications. We also offer PRP to our female patients who thus far have had very little in the way of pharmacologic treatment for their hair loss. PRP is therefore a valuable adjunct in the arsenal of mesotherapy treatment options for patients who undergo hair transplant surgery and also for those who want to add a significant additional treatment option to their medical and mesotherapy regime for combatting hair loss.

Advantages of PRP

PRP augments hair restoration results by improving the healing process after surgery, and increasing the growth phase (Anagen) of hair follicles whereby the hair shaft calibre is maximized and hair volume and hair cover maximized. It can potentially be used as a replacement for other medical treatments, or used in combination. However, when used as a replacement for other standard medical treatments, it will have to be administered on a long term basis and then the cost may become prohibitive when compared to the standard medical treatments for hair loss.


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