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Hair Transplant Consultation

CNC System Consultation

CNC System Parameters

CNC System Change (Every 4 weeks + Scalp Treatment)

Skin Consultation

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Hair Transplant:

Price per follicle is from

Scar/Repair Work quoted on a case by case basis.
20% premium attached to unshaven recipient area procedures.
Returning HT patients are not charged for follow up appointments.
Eyebrow/Eyelash Transplantation – Procedures range in cost from



Payment policy – 20% of overall cost of treatment is required to secure a patient’s preferred date. This payment must be received within 1 week of a provisional booking otherwise the surgery booking is cancelled automatically





Single Treatment



1 Treatment

2 Treatments, administered 6 months apart (booked in advance)

3 Treatments, administered 6 months apart over one year (booked in advance)



Zone 1) Frontal zone

Zone 2) Mid-Scalp zone

Zone 3) Crown zone

Zone 1, 2, 3 Combination

Scar/Repair work quoted on a case by case basis