The Role of Genetics in Hair Loss

Read more below about how your genetic build-up plays a role in your hair loss, and find out what you can do about your balding situation.


The genetics of hair loss explained

It is said that you should look at your mother’s father to determine whether you will go bald. Although there is some truth in this statement, it isn’t quite as simple. The X chromosome is a key gene for hair loss, which is passed through from your mother’s side. But this makes hair loss only partially hereditary, and is not definite. There are a number of other factors that contribute to the causes of hair loss. Other studies have shown that men with fathers who experienced hair loss / baldness have an increased chance of going bald themselves, as the Y chromosome has been found to play a role in hair loss genetics as well. Other factors that can play a role in hair loss / male pattern baldness include age, nutritional deficiencies, health, exercise, thyroids problems and more. If you are experiencing hair loss or baldness and are looking for a solution to this condition, it might be time to see a professional hair restoration specialist.


A permanent solution to hair loss / balding

Fortunately, there are a few treatments individuals can undergo to cure their hair loss, some more successful and permanent than others. Male pattern baldness, or scientifically named Androgenetic Alopecia, is a common condition amongst men. Although it usually occurs at an older age, many men start to experience the symptoms from as young as 20 years of age, which can be quite distressing.

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