Firstly, the present is extremely valuable because it is the only thing that truly exists in it’s own right. It is eternal. Secondly, the present is the only place that provides an escape from the mind entrapment prison. The present is the doorway to Being.

The famous “Two Slit Experiment”, one of the foundations of Quantum Theory proves an electron is both particle and wave at the same time. The wave form collapses into a particle the moment it is observed or measured by a person or entity, eg measuring device, camera etc. The collapse of a waveform into a particle occurs in the present, the moment the observation or measurement is made. So the physical reality we experience takes it’s shape-and-form in the present moment, and happens on a moment-by-moment basis as we observe, measure or think of things. Furthermore, the only value of knowledge is in it’s application. Knowledge in a human mind exists in wave form (analogue) and particles (protein structures in memory banks). The only value of material things (money; stocks; property; gold) is in it’s exchange (particle form). The only value of emotional energy is in it’s positive form as compassion or love. So the exchange or application of knowledge, material things or emotional energy in order to create value occur in the PRESENT. There is nothing else but the PRESENT and nothing of value can be created or used outside the PRESENT.

“For eternally and always, there is only NOW, one and the same NOW. The present is the only thing that never ends” Edwin Shrodinger (Quantum physicist)


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