CRLAB Trichological Product Lines

Hair loss prevention line

Would you like stronger, thicker hair?

With Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories CRLab range you can see for yourself just how easy it is to improve your hair’s condition. You will receive a complete scalp and hair health check so that we can establish the best combination of clinically tested products to improve your scalp’s circulation and boost hair growth.

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Extra Care Line

Specialized care CRLAB’s Extra Care Line consists of specialized treatment masks and a specialized shampoo targeted to treat specific scalp conditions.

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Daily Care Line

It’s important to wash your hair every day or as often as possible. Like the skin on your face and body, your scalp requires the same level of care. CRLAB’s Daily Hair Care Line was designed to meet this important standard of need. With natural cleansing agents, the line is formulated for frequent use and gentle to the scalp.

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Sebum Regulating Line

Providing strength to your hair, this protocol works on the scalp – thanks to a well-studied essential oil mixture with great “astringent” capacity and several plant extracts with a high nutritive activity. We want to underline the jojoba extract that has a lipid composition similar to normal human sebum and the avogado extract, a regulator of sebum production.

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Moisturising Antidandruff

The CRLAB Moisturizing antidandruff line fights persistent dry dandruff, helping those with irritations, scalp tenderness, redness, itch, etc. Due to the great soothing properties of these products, the essential oils of this Trichological Line has the capacity to stop dehydration and soothe and rejuvenating the scalp.

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Trichology Products for hair loss prevention

The Medical Hair System hair loss line potently fights thinning and shedding problems, gives hair volume, follicle energy and vitality to the miniaturized and thin hair. In order to obtain this result, the products work in different ways

CRLAB Trichological Product Lines

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Other Trichology Product Lines

CRLAB Trichological Product Lines


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How it works?

1) Purifying principles

CRL Trichology products purify the scalp, reduces the bacterial load and combats the presence, formation and resurgence of dangerous free radicals that damage hair follicles, negatively affecting the follicle metabolism and resulting in sub-optimal hair growth.

2) Anti-Hair loss principles

The products contain specific active ingredients, such as serenoa repens extract, that inhibits 5-alpha reductase enzyme activity, which is the main cause of hair miniaturization and consequently hair loss

3) Regenerating principles

A very important action is the reactivation of micro blood-circulation,that gives new nourishment to the hair bulb and allows the hair follicle to get rid of waste products and substances. This is possible thanks to the very well researched mixtures of essential oils in the CRL Trichology range of products.

4) Nourishing and hair prevention principles

Thanks to a lot of natural extracts, such as ruby extract and apple plant stem cells, we can nourish the hair follicle, giving everything it needs for growing stronger and healthier. This culminates in an invigorating effect resulting in hair shafts with higher caliber (thicker hair), faster growing hair and diminished hair shedding.