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People across the world are becoming more health conscious, living healthier lives and opting for wellness treatments to gain the many advantages thereof. Wellness treatments at the trusted wellness clinic in Ireland promote feeling and looking healthy for longer, and is greatly beneficial for your later years in life.
If you feel the need to live a healthier and pain-free life and want to enjoy the many benefits of wellness treatments offered by Dr. André Nel at the op wellness clinic in Ireland, make your appointment today. Don’t let getting older get the best of you – restore your health and energy with Dr. Nel’s Carboxitherapy and Prolotherapy wellness treatments.

Treatments available at the leading wellness clinic in Ireland

Dr. André Nel at the wellness clinic in Ireland, Therapy Clinic, specialises in two types of wellness treatments, namely Carboxitherapy and Prolotherapy, both showing amazing results in the promotion of health and wellness. Talk to Dr. André Nel about these treatments available at the top wellness clinic in Ireland:

  • Prolotherapy: The purpose of this non-surgical treatment is to promote the healing of ligament and soft tissue, treating chronic pain in muscles, ligaments and joints, promoting a better quality of life for individuals. The Prolotherapy procedure by Dr. André Nel at this wellness clinic in Ireland involves in-theatre procedures including a local anaesthetic before a non-pharmacological and non-active irritant solution is injected into an injured or inflamed ligament or connective tissue.
  • Carboxitherapy: Carboxytherapy is becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits offered by this treatment. Carboxitherapy is a clinically proven, minimally invasive and has shown amazing results in application, in terms of skin rejuvenation, hair loss, weight loss, cellulite treatments, stretchmarks and scars and more. Carboxitherapy involves the injection of Carbon dioxide (CO2) just beneath the skin’s surface, which is interpreted by your body as an oxygen deficit, signalling your body to increase the blood flow. Carboxitherapy has shown excellent results in many applications. Read more about Carboxitherapy and the benefits thereof for you.

Contact Therapy Clinic, wellness clinic in Dublin Ireland about our wellness treatments

Let Dr. André Nel assist to help you achieve the results you desire regarding the condition of your skin, your hair loss situation, cellulite reduction and more. Contact Dr. Nel’s offices today to make an appointment at this wellness clinic, Therapy Clinic, in Dublin, Ireland today.

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