What is a CRL Medical Hair System?

A Medical Hair Systems is the latest technological innovation when it comes to non-surgical hair restoration solutions. A CRL Medical Hair System is a hair replacement system developed by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories in Italy, and is basically a medical grade prosthesis that covers the area on the scalp where hair loss has occurred. A CRL Medical Hair System offers a natural looking hair replacement system and is the result of years of research and development. The CRL Medical Hair System is considered the most effective non-surgical hair restoration solution, with proven results.



About the CRL Medical Hair System

The development of the CRL Medical Hair System is a complex 39-step process, starting with a personalized approach to meet the individual’s specific scalp and hair needs. A prosthetic or “second” scalp is developed upon which real human hairs are sewn by hand. This procedure is done by a team of highly experienced professionals at Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories. The hair colour, thickness and textures will match the individuals own hair almost 100%, to ensure natural looking coverage by means of a partial or full hair piece.

The base of the hair system is a clone membrane, and is a light and breathable prosthetic with antibacterial properties.  The CRL Medical Hair System is attached to the scalp by means of a special medical adhesive, which is dermatologically tested, providing lasting results. Once the hypoallergenic hair system has been attached, the individual can proceed with their normal and active life, without worrying about hair loss or thinning hair again.

A CRL Medical Hair System will help you resolve your hair loss or scalp problems once and for all, by offering a permanent and effective hair restoration solution. A CRL Medical Hair system will give you the confidence to live your life and feel good about the appearance of your hair once again. Routine cleaning can be done at home, or at a licensed CRL Medical Hair System Clinic.



CRL Medical Hair Systems from Hair, Skin & Wellness Clinic

The Hair, Skin & Wellness Clinic is a licensed clinic for Cesare Ragazzi Medical Hair Systems. Our team will take the accurate measurements of your scalp and hair, so that you can obtain a natural looking hair replacement system to be permanently attached to your scalp, for a lasting hair restoration solution. If you would like more information about this advanced hair restoration process and solution, don’t hesitate to contact the Hair, Skin & Wellness Clinic. Dr André Nel is a leader in the field of surgical and non-surgical hair restoration solutions, who has assisted many individuals to achieve satisfying results.