When is a hair transplant the best solution for hair loss?

When is a hair transplant the best solution for hair loss?  Friends of young men who are going bald also tend to highlight that fact and often make jokes about their mates who may be getting “thin” on the crown, and may jokingly refer to the “solar panel” on their crown etc. These things tend to affect the “balding” person much more than they let on to others and it may even affect them to a very significant level. Young people don’t want to “stand-out” for something that may attract attention for the wrong reason especially if it is affecting their confidence. On the other hand, men in their forties and fifties who are balding sometimes may also feel vulnerable because of the change caused in their appearance. In these instances this change may contribute to a sense of a “mid-life” crisis and that their best days have past them by. They may feel less confident because of the changes in their appearance due to middle age but because the loss of a hair-line is almost impossible to hide, it makes them feel even more vulnerable. So if it bothers a person, the best time to act would be at the earliest stage when you become aware of thinning or receding hair.

Permanent hair loss treatments – Hair transplant surgery

Medical treatment may be all that’s needed to prevent progression and in a large percentage of cases (up to 48%) medical treatment alone can improve the situation. It won’t necessarily restore it the way it was, but most importantly it can stop progression of Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) in up to 90% of cases and provide various levels of improvement of hair mass or volume in almost fifty percent of cases. So medical treatment options for AGA would be the first option and this is especially true for young men in their early twenties. They have a long road ahead and the strategy would be to protect their donor hair supply for the long run and not be overly aggressive with hair transplant surgery. Once the AGA process has stabilized on medical treatment the person becomes a good potential candidate for hair transplant surgery. However, with older men we can be a bit more aggressive with hair transplant surgery, but medical treatment taken on an ongoing basis remains important to stabilize AGA and prevent progression of the condition and minimizing or preventing additional future hair transplants.

When is a hair transplant the best solution for hair loss?

Non-surgical solutions – Hair loss medication

The best strategy would be to take early action with medical treatments, to limit the progression of hair loss. The objective would be to stop the progression of the condition which if not done will lead to a progressively larger bald area that becomes more difficult to treat adequately with a hair transplant. There is no specific “best” time or age to start with hair restoration treatment other than when the first signs of AGA begin to occur and this varies from person-to-person.

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When is a hair transplant the best solution for hair loss?